The Power Of She

August 18, 2017

  Happy Friday you guys! Ok, who else gets so excited for new athletic wear? And you can be honest if you wear athletic wear just to run errands because let's face it, at this point it's kind of every mom's (including my own) uniform no matter what our plans are for the day, haha. I'm thrilled to be partnering with Athleta for todays post and share a little bit about the Power of She. I think it's so important to be comfortable in your own skin and one piece of advice I always like to stick by is wear things that make you feel good. Good quality clothing, workout gear, whatever it is, can make all the difference in the world. But when you feel good in what you're wearing, you're bound to feel inspired and take on more tasks for the day. I think especially for workout apparel, regardless of your shape, size, or even sports ability when women come together & lift each other up, it can be pretty powerful.

These Metro 7/8 Tight from Athleta I love for so many reasons though ladies. There's a zipper pocket on the back that's perfect for your phone, the white stripe on the side is so sporty and will be so cute in the winter with an athletic vest or jacket, and they're high waisted! I'll be honest, after having two kids I much prefer my body now than before but I still have my insecurities. It always helps to have leggings like this that kind of pull everything together and a girl squad to encourage you to just step our of your comfort zone and go for it. Not to mention I don't have to worry about anything being see through because the fabric is thicker. I also really like the wide band at the top, I always go for those versus a skinny one but that's just a personal preference :) Check out some of my other Athleta favorites down below, also this Restore collection too because look at those colors! Whatever part of your body you're maybe not too fond of, I encourage you this weekend to go out and grab a new pair of workout pants, shirt, whatever it is and have it make you feel some type of way! You are powerful. You are pretty. You can do it. I love you all and hope you have a fabulous weekend! 


Throwback // Strawberry Fields Forever

August 9, 2017

Missing this little spot already! I'm throwing it back a little from our trip to Mike's Farm right before we moved from North Carolina. It's always been on our bucket list but we had never been anywhere that offered it that was relatively close. Plus I knew the kids would love it! More eating than picking but still love it, haha! If you've never been strawberry picking, you definitely need to put it on your to do list! There were endless amounts of rows full of strawberries so we filled up a big gallon bucket and took them home with us! Y'all the smell in the car on the way home too was HEAVENLY. So many possibilities with all of these berries, homemade jam, homemade strawberry popsicles or ice cream (perfect for summer), there are really so many things to make with strawberries if they don't go as quickly as they do in our house ;)

Next on our list of things to pick - apples & blueberries, and my favorite of them all every year - pumpkins! What are y'alls favorite things to go picking for? I want to know! Love you all and hope you're having the greatest hump day!

Back To School Favorites // Mini Style

August 8, 2017

Metallic Skirt // Denim Jacket // Yellow Top // Smiley Tee // Joggers // Baseball Tee // Backpack // Bobby Pins // Cat Flats

Happy Tuesday you guys! I can't believe this is the first post of mine for the month of August but I am so excited to be sharing a few good finds for back to school season! Both Finn and Viv will be headed to preschool in two weeks and I really don't know how I'm going to handle it! While I'm so excited for them to meet new friends, their teachers, and knowing they will have a blast, I don't know what I'm going to do with my time alone! Any tips or tricks besides bringing kleenex the first day, I'd love to hear! ;)

I've stuck with affordable options for all of us because let's face it, tuition, supplies, extra curricular activities, etc. plus new school clothes can add up really quickly but I think it's important to have good quality pieces and sustainability for those playground times! Who said you couldn't be fashion forward on a budget?! And don't worry, I've rounded up a few coupons for you guys incase you might have missed a sale or two!

I want to know what grade all of your babes are going into? Are they excited? I've linked a lot more of my favorites for both him and her down below so be sure to scroll through to find more goodies! Love you guys and thank you for following!

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