September 4, 2014

B L U E   H U E S

It's no secret, or maybe it is that blue isn't my favorite color but it IS on Viv! It makes her eyes pop 10x more than they normally would.. and they're already REALLY blue! I figured I might as well get our florals in while the weather matches, haha. Who am I kidding, we're totally be rocking floral print in Fall, right? Who's with me? ;) It's also no secret the amount of times I mention Target. I'll leave it there, ha! This week Viv has discovered the water hose ... and how to drink out of it. LOL! Anybody else's littles do this? I can't help but let her and laugh. I think she seriously thinks it's the best thing on the plant. You know where the deets are lovies! See you tomorrow!

"Le Plume" Feather Headband c/o Itsy Gypsy | HERE
Target Floral Dress | Don't think it's online yet, but it's DEF in store! Check your local one :)
Frosted Rose Freshly Picked Moccs | HERE


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