Denim Diva

This is maybe, probably, definitely my favorite outfit on her so far! So fun, and so girly! Her denim shirt has to be one of my top 5 choices to mix and match! If you don't follow me on Instagram, click here to. If you do, you might have seen me post about her headband from A Tiny Arrow! I couldn't wait any longer to get an outfit together with it so she could wear it! And if you can't tell, Nelson is an excellent photo bomber! Ha! Details below!
Again, I am still searching for my camera charger! Wish me luck!  

// Headband - not listed but Janice can make it for you, ask for the Luna style 
// Shirt - H&M, no longer available. Here's something similar 
:: SIDENOTE:: If you never look in the boys section, I highly recommend you do! Shirts like this and other gender neutral pieces are so versatile that if you don't see it in the girls section, they're bound to have it in the boys! ::
// Necklace - can't remember, but here's something similar 
 // Skirt - Target 
// Shoes - Freshly Picked

** All jewelry is mine and is only worn for picture purposes.


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  1. You have the cutest baby ever and a very cute blog. I love all the outfits.