Lions and Tigers and .. Bunnies!

Lions and Tigers and ... Bunnies!

I hope you guys are having a great weekend and a relaxing Sunday! Now that Easter is everywhere, there are bound to be bunnies everywhere ... and there is! Check out some of my favorite bunny themed items below!
Leggings - here & here. Both are from 2 of my favorite shops, Little Miss Dessa on Etsy, & Boucle D'or Designs! We have items from both shops, and they're excellent quality and both have super cute prints on everything!
Dress - here. You can never go wrong with Gap, this simple and cute bunny printed dress is perfect. There's a shirt in the same print in blue as well.
Bunny mask, here. I just came across Opposite of Far on instagram and I am in love with all of the masks. I think I will get Viv some to go in her playroom because I remember as a kid LOVING to dress up and play pretend. Only, I have NO idea which ones I will choose because they're all adorable.
Bunny purse - here. I found this from ASOS, and although it's for adults it's a mini bag which makes me think that it would be perfect for our mini's! Comes in mint, light pink/nude, and black.
T-Shirt, here. Little pricey, but it is Stella McCartney. Simple, and chic.
Slippers, here. I adoreee this cute fuzzy little bunnies for your mini's feet! So cute and fun! 
Bunny bobby pins, here. V can't wear these yet because she doesn't have enough hair, but I love the geometric print and purple! 
Bunny, here. I seriously swoon over the animals from Restoration Hardware. I needed a stuffed animal to go in V's Easter basket, which we got the lamb for her, but this bunny is ridiculous. Love all of their "bed head" hair as I like to call it. I want them all. Love love love!