Easter Basket Goodies

Guys, we have exactly 4 days until Easter! ... Um didn't we just celebrate the new year?! Haha, this year is already flying by! Although this isn't a fashion post, I've been seeing so many instagram pictures and suggestions of everyone's "mini's" goodies and thought it'd be fun to share what the Easter Bunny is bringing Viv! I actually had a hard time trying to figure out what all I wanted to put in it, aside from a stuffed animal, and headbands. Since it's her first, I'm 10x more excited for her to see everything ... even though she will probably just want to chew the basket ;) Check out the details below! 
Easter Basket // The first place I saw and thought of when I was trying to figure out where to get V's Easter Basket from was Pottery Barn. Little on the pricey side BUT I wanted something to last years and I'm so happy I purchased it. I got the large one and it's HUGE! More goodies to stuff in there ;) The liner I also got from there but I couldn't find it on the site anymore!
Sheep Stuffed Animal // If you saw my previous post, Lions, and Tigers and ... Bunnies?! post , you know I love these plush animals from Restoration Hardware. I love the sheeps "bed head" look and couldn't go without him!
Headband - H&M // I found it in the toddler section on a mannequin but couldn't find it online. Only $4.95, super affordable and it's elastic!
PJs // I may end up changing these out with this color block set of PJ's I just saw yesterday at Gap, but either or I love both! I'm a sucker for cute jammies!
Pelican Headband (hidden in egg) // You know I had to throw some Giddy Up and Grow in there, otherwise it just wouldn't be complete. I live for the summer collection and the pelican is seriously one of the cutest.
Pete The Cat Book // It was sooo hard for me to decide on a book because they're so many. Esp since it's her first Easter! I mean I'm pretty sure she's not going to care, right?! Haha obviously ... but I saw really good reviews so we just decided on Pete :)
 Melissa & Doug Puzzle // I eyed this little guy in Target, as I wanted a toy for the basket and preferably wanted a shape sorter. I ended up with this one and love how it's wooden and colorful. I think Viv will love it!
Bubbles - Target // Totally an impulse buy ... Damn you Target and your dollar section! Haha! I know she can't blow them herself, but I thought it would be fun to see what she thinks of them. And who can resist bubbles in a carrot shape form!? They also had them in eggs and ducks :)
Rabbit Pull Toy // Since she has learned to crawl, she is trying so hard to walk! I don't expect her to quite understand what she's supposed to do with this and pull it, but she will eventually learn before long and thought the rabbit was perfect.
Shoes // These were originally in her Easter Basket until I couldn't resist and pulled them out for our "Peachy Keen" look, but I love them so much I went back and got the clear pair .. and they were both on sale for $5! And they totally smell delicious.
Hide & Squeak Eggs // Total festive basket goodie and Viv is going to love it! She loves things that "squeak" and when Nelson squeaks his toys! Another plus, the eggs have different shapes on the bottom to match where they belong. Score.
Bunny Cup - Viv is still exclusively breastfeeding, so she hasn't learned how to drink out of a sippy cup, but I saw these in Target along with a few other Easter themed ones and they're all so cute! I figured I would get it and hoard it until she uses them ;) Does anybody else hoard things until your mini's get older?! Haha

Chase wants to put down "bunny tracks" to V's basket Easter morning ... take a cotton ball and some baby powder and make bunny prints! It was a tradition he had growing up, and we'll possibly be leaving jelly beans out .. 

Do you guys have any Easter traditions you do with your kids?!