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Hello fashion lovers!  My name is Melissa, the writer of a kids fashion and lifestyle blog called The Park Is My Runway. I started the blog four months ago, after I had friends, family, and even strangers continue to ask me where I shop for my daughter. I also love taking pictures, and styling, so I thought a blog would be a fun way to have a creative outlet.
Me & my family 
(On Stella) Dress : Thief & Bandit | Headband: Little Kate Designs | Sandals: Salt water Sandals

Fashion has always been a huge part of my life, in fact for the past ten years it has been my career. For a decade I have been a manager at a high end retailer in charge of some of the most prestigious collections in the world, such as Alexander McQueen, Marni, Celine, Phillip Lim, and Chanel. Twenty months ago, a different name came into my life. The most beautiful blue eyed, curly blonde haired little girl named Stella Rose. Becoming a mother to her has been the most wonderful blessing. Now I get to combine my two loves, Stella and fashion with The Park Is My Runway.

Some of the posts you will see on the blog include "Mommy and Mini Mondays" where I feature fun ways for littles and moms to have coordinating style. Another favorite is "One Shirt Four Ways" , where I take one awesome shirt, and give you four different ways to style it. I'm also a supporter of small businesses, so on Saturdays I will spotlight some of my favorites. Of course these are just a few fun things you will find on The Park is my Runway. I also love sharing party ideas, room design inspiration, and photos of Stella in our every day lives rocking some seriously cute outfits.

Below are examples of some of the blog posts you will find:

Little Digs: Stella's Nursery

Four Way Fridays: One Shirt, Four Ways

Round Ups

Here are a few of my favorite Stella fashion moments:

Hat: Target
Sandals: Gap Kids

Bow : Little Kate Designs | Tee: Slyfox Threads | 
Suspenders and shorts: Sugarplum Lane Baby Boutique | Mini Melissa

When dressing Stella I look for pieces that are fun, yet comfortable, and speak to her girly tomboy style. She is always full of laughs so bright colors and prints speak to her personality. Mini Boden and Peek Kids are our favorites when it comes to prints. Whenever anybody meets Stella they comment on how social and active she is for a one year old. Soft tees from Slyfox Threads and Tribe is Alive, and comfy leather Moccs from The Coral Pear are some of my favorite play items that allow Stella to run, jump, and get dirty, while looking stylish while doing so.

One thing I consider to be Stella's trademark are her bows. It's rare to find her on a day without sporting one. Lets just say she has hundreds of them, and actually likes them. if they fall off, she now grabs it and puts it right back on her head, and says BOW! Our favorite shop is definitely Birdie Baby Boutique.I just love all the different color combinations and styles she has in her shop. We are definitely addicted!

Headband: House of Mia | Tee: Slyfox Threads | 
Boyfriend Shorts: Susie's Custom | Sandals: Target

A huge thanks to Lea for having me on today! I absolutely adore BABY, daily; so blog swapping with her was a huge honor.

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Thanks again Lea!

Yours Truly,