Coco Chic

Today's outfit inspiration I'm pretty sure you could have guessed from a few different reasons ... quilted bag? black and white dress? pearls?... hence "Coco" Chic! It's a lot dressier than usual posts but I love dressing Viv fancy on some days just because, and she loves it too! I am totally surprised she didn't try and take her purse off, although she did open it and dig around in there like "hold on mom, where's my phone?" ;) ... my diva. Her houndstooth dress she got back at Christmas & it reminds me of Fall which I can't wait for! Who's with me!? But it has been super overcast and on the cooler side so we brought out to style! And you'll see down below Viv is a natural when it comes to picking matching accessories. She was so proud that she could pull our little flower bed light out of the dirt ... and who knew it matched so well ;) Details are below!
Black Bow | Not sure, similar HERE
Zara Houndstooth dress | similar dress HERE
Jumping Jacks Mini Chanel Bag | HERE
Old Navy Gold Jelly Flats | similar HERE