4th Of July Weekend Recap

I hope everyone had as much of a fun weekend as we did! We had some friends come into town so it was awesome to be able to catch up and grill, overload our bellies and enjoy being outdoors! I have to say I was a little worried because I didn't necessarily have a 4th of July outfit like I had planned, so I had to work with what we had BUT it turned out much better than I thought! Hallelujah! Viv's top is actually made from an old sweater that was too small for her, so I snipped around and made a crop top that ended up tying in the back in a super cute bow ... which I failed to get a picture of. Oh well. Shorts are from H&M, and I've noticed their clothes run big, anyone else catch that? But I love them, and they look high waisted which makes me love them more. All other details are below! :)

Target USA Headband | In the $1 section!
Crop Top | Made from an old sweater
H&M Shorts | Similar HERE
Because Pink Designs Star Mary Janes | HERE