Oh No You Donut!

Anybody else catching an 80's ish vibe from today's look?! Haha I'm loving it! Would you believe me if I said I was a little hesitant about purchasing this dress from H&M?! I think it's one of those pieces you're like hmm, I really like it because it's different.... but is it really workable kind of pieces. Know what I mean? Maybe? Lol I am so glad that I didn't pass it up though because it turned out much better styled than I thought. And much easier! I love the colors and the fun donut pattern. I mean who can resist donuts?! ;) I didn't really feel like it needed much as it's pretty busy already so we went with a simple headband and neutral sandals. We hope you love! Details are below! 
Jameson Monroe Headband | HERE
H&M Donut Dress | HERE
Baby Gap Metallic Sandals | HERE