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Hi my name is Megan, owner of In A Dream Boutique. I am a 29 year old California native and newlywed. Growing up, I was always into crafting, painting and making just about anything I could imagine. Once college hit I went a completely different direction, put my art on hold, and started taking American Sign Language (ASL) which surprisingly lead me to my current ASL Interpreting career. I learned that ASL and interpreting were yet another form of my creative expression and got back into crafting just for fun. I designed my own makeup bags and started expanding to other accessories that I could give to friends and family. With encouragement from my now husband, I decided to open up my own shop on Etsy in 2012 and In A Dream Boutique was born.
Planning my wedding this past year inspired me to evolve my shop further; by catering more to wedding decor and bridesmaid gift ideas. I love to connect to new friends, crafters and bloggers on Instagram and because of all their amazing pictures, I have been hit with "baby fever." I recently started introducing baby accessories to my inventory as well as "mommy and me" headbands. This past month, I have been working to open a separate shop that sells baby apparel, starting with leggings. My apparel shop, In A Dream, is set to open mid July with discounted limited time pricing to kick off the shop! I am truly excited to continue adding new and better items and to improve my own skills as an artist and creator and I am lucky to have such amazing friends and supporters both in my real life and my social media life. 
To visit Megan's Etsy page, click HERE
Be sure to follow her on Instagram as well to catch the latest news and releases on In A Dream Boutique. You can follow her HERE.
Very special thank you for having Megan on the blog today. By far one of the sweetest people ever, and an excellent shop owner with the cutest things. I am seriously so excited the leggings to release! :)

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  1. Yay! Thanks so much for sharing my shop. I love to reach out and make new friends and fans!!!