Triangle Shapes

We're baaaaackkk! After a nice relaxing week long visit with our family from out of town, we are back on schedule with blog posts and what not! It was so nice to be able to take a break and just enjoy quality time with them as well as celebrate Viv's 1st birthday! Although I did miss our daily outfit posts! Anyways, we're going all out for our first day back blogging, accessories & all! You'll see I originally paired V's dress with a belt, but I felt like with the headband, necklace, and boots it was all just a little much once it was on. And you may spy a Caged Bird bracelet, which Viv wore until she discovered she could take it off and chew on it (she's getting her molars) sooo I had to take it. I figured I'd keep the original picture though to show you you could also belt it if you'd like. All the details are below my friends, have a great week!
Catalina Lily Headband | HERE
Crazy 8 Triangle Dress | HERE
Savannah Glam Boutique Necklace | HERE
Gracious May Fringe Boots | HERE


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  1. This is such a cute baby girl outfit !.