Beach Babe

Yay for Friday's! You can catch us at the beach allll weekend. Anyone else? We love the beach! Nothing too fancy today, more of just a minimal look. I had to pair our printed onesie with a fun turban though and chose V's "happy camper" one because it seemed to be very fitting, ha! (There's a campsite next to the beach) Perfect? Perfect. Obviously no shoes, but I did pair them with the outfit incase you have/had errands to run before or after. We didn't do a swimsuit only because the water was freeeezing & we weren't there long so we chose the next best thing but a swimsuit would be the norm obviously ;) Hope you enjoy, and have a great weekend! 
Cotton On Onesie | Not online :(
Sadie Sky Boutique "Happy Camper" headband | HERE
Melissa & Doug Sand Baking Set | HERE

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  1. What a doll! So glad you tagged me on Instagram so I could find you! She makes my happy camper headband look so, SO good! Happy to be following your blog :-)