Blue Hues

It's no secret, or maybe it is that blue isn't my favorite color but it IS on Viv! It makes her eyes pop 10x more than they normally would.. and they're already REALLY blue! I figured I might as well get our florals in while the weather matches, haha. Who am I kidding, we're totally be rocking floral print in Fall, right? Who's with me? ;) It's also no secret the amount of times I mention Target. I'll leave it there, ha! This week Viv has discovered the water hose ... and how to drink out of it. LOL! Anybody else's littles do this? I can't help but let her and laugh. I think she seriously thinks it's the best thing on the plant. You know where the deets are lovies! See you tomorrow!

"Le Plume" Feather Headband c/o Itsy Gypsy | HERE
Target Floral Dress | Don't think it's online yet, but it's DEF in store! Check your local one :)
Frosted Rose Freshly Picked Moccs | HERE