Nursery Update

N U R S E R Y   U P D A T E

So I know today's post is not the norm, however, I thought I'd give you guys a little peek into Viv's room and why our regular posts have been a little slower than normal. We have been working throughout the house to make it more of a home, just with little but time consuming touches. We moved into this house back in May and so this whole time we've FINALLY been able to finish up A LOT. One room that was at the top of my list was obviously Viv's. IF ONLY I had a before picture of her room ... gross. Basically it was pink & white, mermaid theme, too much going on, and just not at all what I wanted for her room to be. I REALLY wanted her room to be all white, or mostly all white [thank you Pinterest] with slight hints of pink but geared towards staying neutral. I know most people might think why do you want white? It's going to get so dirty and messy .. blah blah. I think white is so clean and bright, and overall just really classy and elegant. Viv's playroom is the complete opposite of this with prints, color, literally you name it.

Anyways, her room was originally rearranged differently so after we figured out where we wanted the placement of things, it was time to put our vision out there and make it come alive. The only new things we added were the chandelier, the mermaid hook,Viv's name, the rug, and the very old antique chair [AMAZING Craigslist find I might add]. There really is no theme other color, but since we are into her fashion, I do have her shoes, headbands and other accessories on display as well as books arranged by color just for pops here and there. I know once she is old enough to actually tell me what she wants her room to look like [cue memories of telling my mom what I wanted out of the JCPenney catalog] we will of course change it to whatever she wants. Is it bad that I kind of want to keep this room for baby #2 also & let Viv pick out new things?! There's not a bun in the oven by the way, I'm just saying :) I'm sure Viv will totally be over all or most of this stuff when she's able to tell me what she wants right? ;) Maybe not, hopefully not. I do still have to add vintage Barbie fashion illustrations above her dresser, that is coming soon. I will be sure to post that on here if you guys are interested. 

I just thought it might be a nice change, since we have been working a lot around the house to show you a more personal look inside of our lives/home. What do you guys think? If you're interested in more room tours let me know! :) There are links for certain things down below, and if you see something I haven't listed, head over to Instagram HERE and ask away! I'll be happy to answer! 

Target Crib | HERE
Target Bookshelves | HERE
Michael's "VIVIAN" letters | In stores
IKEA Chandelier | HERE
Restoration Hardware Sheep | HERE
Target Gold Zebra Pillow | similar HERE
Pier 1 Owl Pillow | HERE
Target White Fur Pillow | an almost exact match HERE
Craigslist White Vintage Dresser 
Craigslist Vintage Chair
Candy Kirby Designs "Emma" Doll | HERE
Home Goods Mermaid Hook | Check local stores 

And I can't go without thanking my friend, Rae, for all the help and decision making in making this room come alive! <3


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  1. SO CUTE! I am in love with that shelf that has alllll her cute shoes!