Boy, Oh Boy!!!

Well, it's official! IT'S A BOY! As I type that, I am STILL in shock! Ah! But we are all so very excited! I thought I would do a little recap of yesterday's appointment to share our experience as it was def one that will always be remembered! Down below is our annoucement picture and as you can see, Viv was in shock too! Lol! 
Studio Mucci Garland, Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair, Little Miss Dessa Headband, Freshly Picked Moccs in Blush
Our appointment went so well, as I always get really nervous before them but we had our anatomy scan and baby looked great, and most importantly healthy! Initially, I really wanted to wait until our gender reveal cupcakes to find out, and once we were in there Chase really wanted to know so I was like, ok .. I want to know now! So long patience, haha! It went down a little like this:
Sono Tech: Do we know baby's gender yet?
Us: Not yet!
Sono Tech: Do we want to know?
Before I could get a word out ..
Chase: YES!
It's kind of funny because Chase gets these feelings, I guess intuitions about the gender and he is ALWAYS right! He said from day 1, boy, and he did the same with V. I've noticed whatever I think it is, it's always the opposite and I was proved right yesterday! Haha. Not to mention, anytime we asked V what she wanted, she would never make a face at girl, but when asked if she wanted a brother, her face would light up! I think she'll be the bossy big sister, and he'll be the sweet little brother ;)

**Cupcakes: If you're in the San Clemente, Oceanside area, I HIGHLY recommend Deena Harless at Cupacake for all things sweet! She is a local military wife, and is the absolute best. Her cupcakes never last in the house more than 3 days! Delish, always!

As far as names, we have narrowed it down, but it's a big decision so we just want to make sure it "sticks", know what I mean? I think we know, but we're also making sure there's no other options that match up to our top choices so hopefully soon we will decide! :) You will for sure know when we do! 

 To be completely honest, it does scare me a little to have a boy .. I am so used to dresses and bows, I have no idea what to do with a boy but that will be a part of this new adventure for all of us! Hello ninja turtles, sword fights, and trucks. However, I can't leave out BOYS FASHION! <3 Chase and I feel so incredibly blessed that we get the best of both worlds. We have always said our ideal family would be 1 girl, and 1 boy. All the Glory to God for this amazing, amazing blessing. And a big thank you to YOU GUYS for all the sweet words on Facebook and Instagram! <3 We cannot wait to me our little boy!