Playground Leopard

One thing I've noticed both V and I LOVE doing lately, is stepping away from our everyday routine whether that be errands, or doing things around the house to just go out the park, disconnect from social media and just relax and play. Of course with the camera. Ha! She absolutely loves the park, what kid doesn't right? And any animal themed thing - she's kissing while we're there. We had a blast during this shoot and of course I love her outfit ;) Everything in today's post, minus the headband is on SALE! Y'all run, for real. Esp for these Old Navy Moccs we just got in the mail yesterday. Perfection! What do you guys think of the look? What is your kid's must do while at the park? 
H&M Headband | super old!
Crazy 8 Leopard Dress | HERE - on sale!
Old Navy Gold Moccs | HERE - $10 STEAL!