Pregnancy Update // Week 18

eating: Not going to lie, I've been craving brownies like a BEAST and finally gave in and bought a box of mix yesterday. Let the baking begin! Other than that this week, it's only been raspberry gelato. Not together, although I bet it's good. 
drinking: Since I told you guys water sometimes makes me nauseas (mainly in the morning), I've discovered La Croix Sparkling Water in the peach/pear flavor, and San Pellegrino in the orange flavor. Orange juice has been a MUST at all times in our house. I think I could drink one of those massive bottles a day if I didn't control myself. 
avoiding: Same as always so far, eggs! Gross!
wearing: I still am living in my leggings, if I'm not in sweats. If I'm not in sweats, I've been loving casual dresses. They're easy and not tight, and are really easy to style.
feeling: Lots of energy this week! I still go in spurts of energy, and then in my downtime am really tired. I am in bed by about 8:30 though until I fall asleep.
buying: Still nothing yet. Although I do have my eyes on things thanks to Instagram ... ugh. The struggle. 
sleeping: Pretty well. I still toss and turn and have to sleep with a pillow between my legs to get comfortable. I'm missing sleeping on my stomach though! 
loving: All of the things I see I want to buy so far! I mean, TONS. It's so hard, because I don't want to jinx myself either way with buying something pink, if it's a boy, and vise versa so I'm being good and not spending a dime ... yet. You guys, Instagram is a dangerous place. So many shops with so many goodies. Love handmade.
getting used to: Backaches! This week esp! I think it's a mixture honestly of picking up V and just the overall growth of my belly combined. Although I don't want to complain about anything because I do think pregnancy is a beautiful thing and we are so thankful around here for this little one, so bring on the backaches baby!

Sheinside Dress | HERE
Forever 21 Flats | super old!

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