Pregnancy Update // Week 17

Whew! Another week down! And let me first say I have no idea why this picture turned out so blurry but it was my absolute favorite, so whatevs ;) I didn't know whether or not I should post pregnancy updates and such, but you guys seem interested, and I personally love reading how different every mom is different, what they're craving, if they're living in leggings (like me) etc. So I will try and post one weekly, every Friday! Here's what's been going on as of late:

eating: Starting out in the early weeks was like a baby starting out on solids. I basically had to test the waters with everything. So far, the only no-no's are eggs, green apple slushes, and salsa. I haven't had many cravings that last more than a day, but this week in particular they have been off the charts! To be exact, peanut butter cup ice cream, cheeseburgers, and onion rings. Healthy, I know I know. Basically the appetite of a teenage boy. Hmmm .... ;)
drinking: I'd be lying if I said I drink water all day long. Water specifically in the morning makes me feel queasy for whatever reason, so I love orange juice or vanilla milk. Which is so odd for me because let's be real, I'm not drinking milk unless it has the word "chocolate" in front of it, ha! Along with the occasional sips of coke just for a little fizz, I do drink ice cold water most of the day. Can't forget my vanilla steamer at night though, or hot chocolate if I have it on hand.
avoiding: Eggs. Eggs. Eggs. In the first weeks, making them for Viv had me so nauseated I could barely stand to make them. Last weekend, I tried them out and they were graciously returned back to me :) 
wearing: I feel like I've officially entered that awkward stage of pregnancy, depending on what I'm wearing. I always tell Chase, I'm in the "Is she fat? Or pregnant stage?" Lol! But all I fit into are my leggings, and I'm perfectly fine with that. We did venture off last weekend to the maternity store in search of jeans, but no luck. Anyone else have the fit in the waist, too big in the leg issue? Aka, short girl problems?! Ugh. Long live leggings.
feeling: Eh, better. I have gotten a lot of my energy back, but this pregnancy has me tired! Like real tired. My energy comes in spurts, so that's when I try and get done what I need to, but when V naps, I nap. By 9, I'm ready to go to bed!
buying: Nothing yet! We have lots of stuffed of Viv's that doesn't fit anymore stored away just incase they say it's a girl, but we won't find out until the 26th so until then no buying! Unless I find something on a really great deal that I just can't pass up that could work for either gender. Which is probably going to happen. 
sleeping: For the most part good. I toss and turn like nobody's business though from side to side. I think it's time I invest in one of those pillows don't you think?!
loving: How excited Vivian is to be a big sister. Although she probably doesn't really understand just yet. We keep the ultrasound pictures on the fridge and I'll ask "where's baby?" and she'll point to them and smile and want to take them down to look at. I feel like she is going to be an amazing big sister. I'll ask her too "Where's the baby!?" if we're sitting or laying down and she'll point to my belly. I mean, cutest thing ever.
getting used to: Having a belly. Like I said up there, I feel like I'm in that awkward stage sometimes, and with Viv my belly was more round, and this one is more like a football (another reason I'm thinking boy) but I'm not sure if that's just an early thing or not. I also forgot how hard it is to dress when you're pregnant. I don't have really an issue with tops, I can just buy a size up if I need too, but man ... jeans. Forget about it.

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