Boss Babe

To say it's been busy around here this week is definitely an understatement! Chase had been in the field for 10 days and just got back on Monday. I took pictures of one of my girlfriends deployment homecoming (so fun!) which I am so happy for her about, AND had a checkup on Finn this week also! We finally got some time today to head outside and just play! In our previous post, I know I mentioned how much I loved Curly Q's Counter, and that hasn't changed a bit! This "Boss Babe" tee couldn't be anymore fitting for V right now and the stage she is in! Lol! She is becoming so independent and wanting to do things on her on and more her way. I know I will repeat myself when I say this is probably my favorite age so far, but she is SO full of personality and giggles, she is seriously my light to every day. Speaking of days, her favorite time of day is when her daddy gets home, which is mine too! I managed to snap a sweet picture of the two of them that I've posted as well. I've linked everything below as usual for you guys too, enjoy!

Lemons and Lace Headband | Boss Babe Tee c/o Curly Q's Counter | Carters Shorts & Shoes (similar)