Pregnancy Update // Week 22

eating: Anything and everything. Some of my favorites over the past few weeks have been popcorn & strawberries. Nothing really in particular other than having the appetite of a teenage boy, which I think I've said and will continue to say until Finn is here ;)

drinking: Orange juice is my morning staple and then throughout the day is always a toss up between water, and an every now and then sprite. I also caved and had my first decaf coffee too ... heaven. 
avoiding: Nothing's changed here, eggs!
wearing: The jeans that are pictured above and I also have a dark wash that aren't distressed that give me life! And of course the past few days have been warm so the search is back on for some shorts!

feeling: You know that saying "when it's good it's good" .. well when I'm tired, I'm TIRED. I try and keep my energy as high as possible during the day to keep up with V and then after dinner I'm like okay, who wants to go to bed?! 
buying: Other than the things I told you guys about last week, I think the only other thing we've gotten that isn't here yet, is a chair for the nursery! I love it so much, and we got it for an amazing deal at Target! I mean, you can never go wrong with Target ...
sleeping: It honestly varies. Some nights I sleep like a rock, and others not so much. Last night was one of those not so much nights. 

loving: Getting Finn's nursery together! Although it is FAR from done, seeing the bits and pieces being put in there .. and by bits and pieces I mean SMALL things it just kind of makes it that more real and that much more exciting!
getting used to: Now this is going to sound really weird, but getting used to fact that I will have two kiddos soon is still blowing my mind. With that said, I've made a vow to myself to just enjoy V being alone in this time before Finn gets here to really make quality time, and do all kinds of fun things, because I know it will be a big change for both her and us.


Maternity Jeans | I believe it's THESE, Forever 21 Top | super old!