Pregnancy Update // Weeks 20 + 21

eating: Write this one down for the books, no real cravings over the past 2 weeks other than chocolate! Any kind of chocolate I will gladly take. I think my favorite though was those sneaky little Girl Scouts and their Peanut Butter Patties ... no. self. control. Other than that, another really odd and weird craving? Nerds. I can't even begin to tell you when the last time I ate Nerds was but Chase loves slushes from Sonic with them in it. Now I want Nerds in everything in drink.
drinking: Same ole, same ole. Drinking more water lately, just NOT in the morning. One of my favorites for in the morning is Orange, Peach, Mango juice. I think it's made my Dole. They also have another yummy flavor, Strawberry, Banana, Orange but I have to maintain my willpower because I could drink the whole bottle in one day.
avoiding: Can you guess it? ;) If you guessed eggs, you get a prize. On a serious note though, they're one of V's favorite breakfast foods so I did make it through a few rounds of whipping them up for her thankfully. They still gross me out though.
wearing: I think I'm going to have to stop answering this one because let's be honest, I'm not changing out of my leggings, ha! I have noticed though that I just feel like a whale with any loose tops. So I'm DEF preferring more fitted shirts because girl, those flowy shirts are doing NOTHING for this bump. 
feeling: Well, V and I have had multiple dance parties so I'd say pretty well :) I say this all the time, that I should nap when she does, but I haven't lately. Instead I'm on Instagram, or looking at baby clothes, or things for the babes rooms. That brings me to later on in the day when I become a grump and have the appetite of a teenage boy ... then add in being tired and it makes for one fun mama ;) 
buying: We have gotten 3 things for little Finn's room! Well technically 2, one is more of an around the house item. BUT hello Mamaroo! I was SO excited to get this, after seeing it everywhere and hearing so many wonderful things about it. I believe they had just come out with it when V was born so it was on my list for Finn! We also found a knick knack little vintage plane that Chase couldn't go without that is very cute, and also came across a plush moose head that I couldn't go without. I can't wait to really get started on the nursery!
sleeping: Slowly but surely better and better. I think I've been sleeping harder because once I'm out, I am out! 

loving: Feeling Finn move! Thanks to my placenta being in the front (is that TMI? I mean we're talking pregnancy here, lol) it's taken a little longer since he's using it as a punching bag. Chase felt him move for the first time too and has loved it! He's most active at night and  mid afternoon. Sounds a lot like how his sister was ;)
getting used to: A second nursery - kind of. We cleared out Finn's room so all that's sitting in there now is just the mamaroo. I say kind of because it's not completely set up yet but I can only begin to imagine once a crib is in there it will hit, big time. I am totally looking forward to it though! 

Have a great weekend!