DIY Feather Mobile

Alright you guys, real talk. I have been obsessseeddd from the day I spotted this mobile on Etsy but was NOT feeling that price. I don't mean to throw shade, because I'm sure this seller is awesome and amazing, and no doubt her work is beautiful but mama is not about about to pay $86 for a mobile that doesn't even have music. (Side note, it was pointless to have a mobile for V anyways because 1. she never used it 2. she slept in our room & coslept) Anyways, girl if I'm paying $86 for a mobile, it better WERK, know what I'm saying? ;) All jokes aside though, I knew I could pull this one off so I headed to Michaels over the weekend and conjured up this bad boy. Now, I'm about to share with you how to make it for wait for it .... $14. Yep, that's right. Or less if you already have some of this stuff. Get ready.

Alright, so initially I was inspired by the mobile I linked above, and also this one. I knew though that I didn't want an all gold mobile in Finn's room because well, it's kind of girly to me BUT I did want a little peek a boo gold going on. So here's what you need:
  • Feathers - I used the longer ones with the longer .. stem? Is that what you call it? Haha you can use the smaller ones, they just may be harder to work with because the stems? are so itty bitty.
  • Paint - You only need this if you plan on painting any of the feathers or wreath. I used Martha Stewart's Metallic paint in Gold.
  • Brush - The smaller the better.
  • Hemp Cord - You can really use any cording you like, it all depends on your preference. 
  • Small Wreath - I wish I knew the size on this one, but you'll know it when you see it in store. You could also use a metal ring, or an embroidery hoop.
  • Ceiling anchor/hook
  • Optional: Fishing line, hot glue, beads 

 First thing I did was painted the feathers. They came in a 22 pack so I just did half with the gold because I did want to keep the others brown. You can paint them however you choose, again all 
depends on preference in whatever design you'd like. The picture below is the after and I mean ... love. I think this white and gold only would be beautiful in a baby girls room!

And here's my fail because I didn't take a picture of how I actually attached them, so hopefully you guys can understand by me telling. Seriously, so easy though. All I did was cut a piece of the hemp to the length I wanted for the feathers to hang, looped it through the stems on the wreath (any 2 you can find a hole between, like an upside down U shape) that way it I could attach two feathers that were close to each other, but not together where they would overlap. Literally that's IT. You just add however many strings and feathers you'd like around it and ta-da! Now, the optional part is if you want to add beading to the string before the feathers, you can always do that and just add additional knots. I thought I would have to hot glue for extra security for the feathers to stay on really well, but I just double knotted all of them and have had no problems. 

My absolute favorite thing about this, is that depending how the light hits it, it will change hues. The above picture was taken at sundown, the others during the day. LOVE!

I used just the same hemp string to hang it with, but you could always use ribbon, fishing line, or whatever you like depending on your preference or theme. There's also a little sneaky last minute thing I added, which I'm obsessed with and is also the simplest thing ever, a dream catcher inside the wreath. Just loop the string through the branches and knot as you please. I had one long string going in and out and across, but I found it easier to get them to stay where I wanted just to cut small strings and do them one at a time and double knot. Does that make sense? I hope so!

Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions about how to do something on this particular piece, I'd love to help! Esp. if you've been eyeing something like this on Etsy too! Have a great Tuesday!

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  1. So pretty! I've been wanting to make one like this for the longest!