Can I just say I am so sad that Easter has come and gone, although now things are really starting to get real because Easter is the last big holiday before Finn arrives. Um, what?! It's so crazy but we had a great weekend filled with lots of exciting things. Of course we had to take care of business first and get the oil changed in one of the cars. Why am I telling you this? It wouldn't be interesting unless I told you they had free Panera Bread breakfast all morning ... who does that?! It was one of those never have I ever moments. They knew how to make a pregnant woman and a toddler both very happy ;)
After all the not so fun errands were run, we came home to dye Easter eggs. We did them the standard normal way, and then I found this fun way we'd never heard of (thanks Pinterest) where you take shaving cream with regular food coloring, mix it together, roll the eggs in it, and let them sit for about 5-10 minutes before wiping them off and wah-la! It was rather impressive that they actually turned out how they were supposed too! Viv wasn't into the mess of it, she hates anything that sticks to her hands so Chase & I were on our own with that, haha.
We enjoyed lots of outside time, and the weather all weekend was absolutely beautiful. We got Vivian sidewalk chalk as part of her Easter happy, and she loves it! I figured that was a better option because we're not quite at the crayon stage since she just wants to eat them. Surprisingly she doesn't do that with chalk? No clue but we loved drawing eggs and bunnies all over the sidewalk :) 
Finally our weekend ended with church yesterday where the children's ministry had a petting zoo and egg hunting which V throughly enjoyed. Her favorites were the pigs & instead of really hunting the eggs, she would just crack open them and take the candy and run. Haha, love her. We came home and had lunch and let her egg hunt again with the ones we had filled over the weekend where halfway through, she had to crack open an egg and open a snickers to finish. I mean, the girl must have needed energy? Don't worry V, you get it honest, lol! I hope you guys had just of an amazing Easter weekend as we did!