Good Friday

Easter is right behind Christmas for favorite holiday right now. I think with kids it just becomes that much more fun with the egg hunting, pastels, and everything bunny themed! Viv and I played around in the yard and she was so obsessed with her bunny ears she never wanted me to take them off. A little funny story, she loves the book Hug Machine & while outside she literally starts hugging EVERYTHING. The tree, the flower, the rock wall, it's so funny because as she's getting older she does things everyday that I'm just like "Omg, stop growing! You're getting so big!" Her age right now is so fun even though she's still dependent but she's finding her independence at the same time. She is a blast, and I can't wait to do all the fun Easter activities we have planned for the weekend! I hope you all have a fabulous Easter! 

Target headband // Crazy 8 top & short set, shoes