Quick Catchup + Thank You!!!

The past 2 weeks have been cray cray over here. My mom flew in for a few days to visit, so we enjoyed lots of time with Mimi which was so nice for a little down time. It also consisted of lots of sweets, yummy food, and of course shopping. It's always so sweet to see V and my mom together because they are so much a like in so many different ways. V is practically her made over so when they're together they're literally 2 peas in a pod. 
We also got Finn's carseat and adapters for the second seat to the stroller and the first thing I said once it was all put together is "shit's getting real" haha! but seriously, I told Chase I think I've lost my mind having 2 under 2 ... barely ;) I've gotten several questions on what kind of stroller/car seat it is, how we like it, and where we purchased it etc.  It's the Baby Jogger City Select and the car seat is Maxi Cosi. We've been through 2 other strollers and this one by FAR tops them both. It is pricey but it is worth it. It honestly makes my life much easier, esp when I'll have to tackle it by myself. You can purchase it as Buy Buy Baby if you have one near you, we just got ours from Amazon :)
I've hit the 32 week mark and feel like Finn is going to fall out any day now. I had my follow up this past Friday and now that I go every 2 weeks, from 2 weeks ago he's had a major growth spurt and I'm measuring ahead so Chase and I are determined he won't be staying in any later than expected like V did, but he may decide to come a little earlier than my due date. We shall see! I have lots of fun things planned including his nursery tour and some mommy and me things for Mother's Day! 

I also just wanted to say a quick but huge thank you to all of you who support my blog, enjoy my content, and have nothing but nice & positive things to say about it. I started this blog a year ago with no intentions of it really going anywhere, and to be honest never thought I'd actually keep up with it. Through it, I have met so many kind hearted, sweet people that I can't imagine not knowing, brands that I've come to know & love sharing with you guys, and overall just our life in general. Surpassing the 50,000 mark is probably small to a lot of people, but it means the world to me! So thank you all, and have a wonderful Monday! Hugs & love from all 4 of us!