DIY // Restoration Hardware Shelving

When we first started planning Finn's nursery and I was gathering ideas for not really a theme, more of just an overall feel I didn't have this shelving included. I knew I wanted the nursery "warm" but without it being dark, and very masculine but still classy if that makes any sense at all. I stumbled upon the industrial shelving when we ordered his crib sheet from Restoration Hardware and told Chase we HAD to make this because the hefty price tag of $300 was outrageous & I was in love with it! Can't stop a pregnant mama on a mission, haha. I mean, it's just pipe, wood, and rope right so how hard could it be?! It turns out it's not too difficult after all. I'm over the moon to share with you guys how you can make this shelving for under $100! If you already have some of these supplies, count your spending to be less! And it can be totally customizable to your liking as far as how many shelves you'd like and the width of the entire thing. Instead of the 3 shelves like picture below, we opted for two because it just fit the space better. To get started here's what you'll need:
1 - 1ft x 24in black metal pipe (can use smaller or larger for width and length)
2 - 25in wood boards
1 - pack of rope
2 - flanges
2 - black iron nipple fittings
2 - black iron 90 degree elbow fitting
Anchors & screws
optional: wood stain & polyurethane (we used Rust-Oleum in the colors Weathered Gray & Kona, & polyurethane in a clear satin)
corner braces (we used 1 1/2" x 5/8") 
The easiest thing of all that we started with first was attaching the entire pipe piece together  and figuring out a place for it on the wall. After that was settled, I stained our 2 pieces of wood in what I thought was going to be gray (we used Rust-Oleum Weathered Gray) which was not gray AT ALL. Instead it turned into a country blue, which was a huge fail. Thankfully we had some Rust- Oleum in the color Kona that we used on our dining table so I  threw some of that on there which actually gave it a gorgeous finish! Since we do have hues of gray in the nursery, I really love how there's a teeny hint of "gray" in the boards. Followed both boards up with some polyurethane and they were good to go.
I think the most difficult part of this entire project is the dreaded rope, haha. This part I left entirely up to Chase because my pregnant patience is very thin and I could not figure out how to get this part right. I knew I wanted the noose knot, so after a couple tries Chase nailed it! All those years in Boy Scouts clearly paid off ;) You can do any knot you'd like of course, but if you want the noose knot, we followed the below instructions.
After the knots were done, we attached the boards to the wall. I got Chase to attach them with corner braces for extra security. I really didn't want these shelves just hanging by rope because I'd be so worried all the time about them falling. You can skip this step if you'd like, it just made me feel better :) Once the shelves were up, Chase drilled holes for the rope to go through. I believe the Restoration Hardware version shelves are hung solely by rope? but since we used the braces, I just wanted the effect of them hanging by the rope instead. I also like the look of the rope being very straight and tight, but since we did the appearance of them hanging by rope, I really liked the rope a little loose. I think it gives it some movement without actually moving ;)
And that's it! I'm not going to lie, there were many trips to Lowe's to try and get this thing how we wanted so be prepared for lots of trial and error esp if you're like me and become OCD about how you want it to look. None the less though, if you do this I want to see pictures and hear your experience with it! Although it's a pain it is certainly worth the hassle!