Pizza Is Life

I am so excited to share today's post with you guys! The reason I love today's post so much is not only because it's a mommy & me, but because these shirts from Curly Q's Counter could not be more fitting right now! It's no secret that this pregnancy one of the top things I have craved is pizza, along with chocolate milk and onion flavored things. Sounds gross huh? ;) I absolutely love these quirky tee's, and V couldn't stop pointing to the pizza on her, haha. It's also no secret that if there is pizza around, count her in to pull all your toppings off, esp pepperoni, and eat them before you even get one bite ;) We take our pizza serious around here, lol! If you love graphic tee's, Curly Q's Counter makes adorable ones for both girl and boy babes! Or, if you're needing/wanting shorts or jeans for you mini, RUN to her shop! I'm loving all the ombre shorts and studded ones like these for summer! Hope you guys have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend! xx