Tales Of The Pinecones

Is anyone in the same boat when I say your child could have literally all the toys in the world but would still never be as satisfied as with that one free thing? In our case, it's pinecones. We have a pinecone tree right near our house, and Viv has become obsessed with collecting ALL of them, and I do mean ALL of them and making piles all over the place.
 Usually the scenario looks a little something like this: Viv gathers as many as she can hold & once she realizes she can't hold anymore, she will lift my shirt or dress to make a "sack". Then I become the pinecone carrier and look like a complete crazy woman who must have a thing for pinecones, haha! I have to say it is quite funny to see her determination with them and then once she's got them in piles she's over it. 
It's so fun to see her explore and discover new things because she's always so amazed by whatever it is and then will be over it in t-minus 5 minutes. The tales of toddlers, haha. I would be her personal pinecone carrier any day of the week :)  
Target Headband / Carters Skirt / Target Socks (from Easter)