Weekly Overview

While this week was only a 4 day week it was certainly still busy for us! After Memorial Day, Chase went back to work and it was back to our normal routine. We finished getting everything for Finn's nursery which was SUCH a relief because I was so ready to be done with it and just relax. So now he can really come any time he pleases, although I'm sure he'll be stubborn ;) On Tuesday, Chase and I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary which I can't believe has already been 3 years! We enjoyed a fabulous dinner at a restaurant called Chart House and I am not ashamed to say we stuffed our faces with all kinds of amazing deliciousness! I am sort of bummed because we were going to wait until after dinner to take a picture, and by the time we left it was dark! Wah. However, we did have a gorgeous view, and I did snap a sweet picture of Chase and V while there.
Kudos to Chart House for sitting us by the window that you could see the bunnies from, free toddler entertainment! We also invested in the 4Moms Breeze Playard which I am so happy about! Viv thinks it's an indoor trampoline, and I can't believe we never got one with her. I love that it has the option of the top part so that when Finn is sleeping and is not in his crib or mamaroo, we have another option. Not to mention it will I'm sure be a lifesaver for when he's in the crawling stages! I can only imagine the trouble him and V will get into when they're in there together! 
In other news, we had our 37 week checkup today which we found out that Finn has 2 weeks to vacate, otherwise we have a scheduled induction for June 14th, so his birthday will probably be June 15th if he decides to wait! As much as I hope he comes on his own, these last few weeks have been kind of discouraging and frustrating because 1) he keeps flipping breech and back 2) we hadn't had a date until now - but I don't think he'll come on his own at this point. I think he'll pull a Viv & wait until he absolutely has to leave! Although Viv was a 41 weaker so I'm thankful Finn doesn't have that option because he's already weighing 7 pounds! Send me your good baby juju for a maybe, hopefully, fingers crossed arrival on his own! Have a great weekend!