Beach Babies

Now that we're 11 days out from heading to our scheduled induction (given Finn doesn't come before then) we've loved going to the beach or park as a family when Chase gets home from work to just soak up these last few days before becoming a family of FOUR. It's pretty wild and I don't think still has hit me yet because I've been chasing after Viv so much that we're adding another nugget to our clan. The cutest part of today was Viv did not want to go to the beach without one of brothers sonogram pictures and she carried it the entire time we were at the beach! 
I have to mention this maxi dress from Pink Blush because as I've said many many times, I LIVE in dresses at this point and this one is so on point for summer! Pink Blush is new to me but I highly recommend them for trendy & affordable clothing! Their clothing is very versatile as you can wear them preggo or not, but they do have a Pink Blush Maternity line also! I'm really trying to get out of my normal black/white/neutrals collection and go for more color in my wardrobe and this definitely helps in that department! Ohhh I can not wait for new clothes once Finn is here! Any of my mama's relate? Holla if you hear me! ;) 
And of course the inevitable let me hit you with this stick mom, face. She thinks it's the funniest thing in the world if you act disgusted at something (like her sneezing), or say "ow!" at anything she does to you. That's my child. My happy sweet trouble making child ;)