Getting Adjusted

While I wouldn't say it's been necessarily "difficult" adjusting to 2 under two, I will say it is for sure keeping me on my toes! Having a routine down that we used to follow all the time has been completely thrown out of the window to make room for a new one to balance both of our babes. Having Chase home for this time, as well as a few more weeks has been so incredibly helpful in figuring out that new routine too. Just getting both V and Finn down the stairs at the same time has been a challenge, haha. Even though I'm the type to have a plan so I can at least think I have it all together, I'm learning as I go with how to manage keeping them both happy and content. And again, seeing Viv just running over to Finn and kissing him and calling her "my baby" is freaking adorable. 
 They've been pretty much inseparable since the day Finn was born, which I hope they will stay that way for a really long time. I think they have a great age gap and will be super close as they get older. Not to mention, Viv is sweet now but I wouldn't be surprised if she became the bossy big sister, ha! Finn is the most super chill baby EVER. Like ever. He's so low maintenance compared to his sister, lol!
As for me, I'm feeling great and also trying to manage keeping the house clean and organized. Although I know that's the least of my priorities and the last thing on my list, it makes me feel like I have it all that much more together. And I have a feeling this will be how our family photos turn out from now on. Viv is distracted, I clearly can't get my hair together, and Finn is just like "i'm new here" haha! I'm loving everything about motherhood with two, it is quite a plate full, but I sure do love my babies! Have a great week you guys!