Neon For The Win

Has anyone else gotten their first child a big sister/big brother surprise? One of V's that we got were these neon pink Freshly Picked moccs and I really wish they came in my size! Ah! There can never be enough pink in her wardrobe! She's been so obsessed with them since we tell her "your brother sent you these!", that she won't take them off even when she naps. We also got her this book, which really makes me tear up every time we read it. Soon I will have to share my time, energy, and everything else but this girl will never know how much I love her! And the sweetest thing of all? Daddy can never get enough hugs before going back to work that he jumped out of the car in the middle of the road to give his favorite girl one more .... ugh these two are literally sending my hormones out of control. Brb while I go get some kleenex.