4th Of July Recap

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July & are resting up on this Sunday! We had a great 4th spending it for the first time as a family of four! We kicked off the morning with homemade strawberry poptarts that were delicious and I think will be a new tradition from now on! I've had a few people ask for the recipe & I've used one of my insta mama friend's recipe which you can find it HERE. (Thanks Megan!) You can use any kind of preserves for the filling you want, and also can do colored icing using food coloring! I did use premade pie crusts though instead of making it from scratch. I'm just not about that homemade dough life, haha! 
We enjoyed lots of outside time with wagon rides & firecracker popsicles. As well as some inside time complete with homemade mac & cheese, shish ka bobs, corn on the cob & our very first homemade blueberry cheesecake. I was so surprised how everything turned out because anyone that knows me knows I'm not really a big cook, much less make lots of "homemade" food from scratch. Buy y'all ... that cheesecake ... get your stretchy pants ready for that one. I'm planning to make another, maybe Strawberry since it's Chase's favorite & I'll share that recipe as well!
We ended the day with  s'mores at our friends house & watching fireworks from their backyard. It was a great first holiday as a family of four and I'm looking forward to other holidays with new traditions for these two babes! Holidays have NEVER been more fun! 

Finn's outfit: Onesie (no longer available)
Viv's outfit: Dress // Shoes