Backpack Favorites

With back to school being right around the corner now, I've been seeing so many cute backpacks in stores and online! Even though Viv isn't starting school this year, we're planning on Mommy & Me classes in the fall, which one of these little cute petite things will come in handy! Okay, it's really just an excuse to carry one of these because it's not necessary she has one .. I'm sure you guys get it ;) Is there such thing as a backpack hoarder by the way? I'm thinking I could get into that seeing all these cute styles this year. I remember when going back to school, on that first day how everything had to be perfect. Hair, outfit, your clean notebooks with your agenda and telling myself I'm going to be so organized! Ha! Did that last long for anyone? I can tell you it didn't with me. So whether you're dropping your kids off at preschool, whether they're involved in extra curricular activities, or you're just running errands for the day, I'm quite positive one of these will get the job done and they can look organized even if they're not, or maybe more like if you're not haha! I think a backpack these days is one of the best accessories to make a great first day impression! Wishing all your littles a great school year!
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