Party Planning + 1 Month Update

It is so hard for me to believe that my little squishy bubs is already ONE month old as of yesterday. I mean seriously, time flies when you're having fun .. and apparently when you have two kiddos too ;) He is the most relaxed, loving, little thing and always wants to be held to fall asleep. It reminds me so much of Vivian when she was his age and always just wanting  mama right now instead of dad. I think he associates Chase as just the guy who changes him and makes him cold, lol! We are adjusting a little better compared to those first few days at home. I ventured out by myself for the first time to go grocery shopping which was basically like walking on pins & needles praying just neither him or Viv would have an epic meltdown. All went well, Finn slept the entire time & Viv was just busy throwing M&M's and random what she thought were "essentials" into our cart, haha. I can't believe she will be two TOMORROW. 

We were originally going to go to Disneyland for V's birthday but with Finn being so little and breastfeeding, not to mention it's starting to warm up like crazy here I just think it'd be too much and I really don't want to take away from her day so we've pushed it back to in the fall (YAY for going around Halloween!) instead. So we're having birthday pictures of her done, as well as some family ones & then of course stuffing our faces with cake and opening presents! I'm sharing our inspiration for decor down below. We really didn't have a theme  this year, more of just pastel colors, with loads of fun little attributes. I can't wait to share her birthday recap in a few days! I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day & a fabulous weekend! 

Studio Mucci Balloons & Garland 
Confetti Sparkle Cake Topper 
Land of Nod Plates
 Target Wrapping Paper Zebra & Doughnuts (in stores only)