Summer Florals

If you've followed me for a while, you'll know when Vivian was a tiny little baby I used to do outfit of the day posts and share with you guys my outfit inspirations. As she's gotten older it's gotten a little more difficult to do because she now tells me what she wants to wear! Now I think it's just fun to see what she picks out so when she's older and asks "Mom, what did you put me in?!" I'll just say, "you picked it out" ;) Haha. I've missed doing them so much that we headed into the front yard after she picked her shirt that by the way was 2 sizes too small according to the tag. I thought I was going to have an epic meltdown on my hands if I told her no, so I just prayed it fit, and it did. More like a crop top, but fit none the less, lol! Paired them with white shorts and her silver sandals that I wish came in my size and a cute bow to pin her little curls back! I hope you guys enjoy today's outfit of the day & have a wonderful weekend!

Bow (Target in stores)
Top (old, another floral favorite here)