Favorite Graphic Tees // Boys

Before we had Finn and even knew if he would be girl or boy, I can't even tell you how many times I think I told Chase, boy clothes just don't seem that fun. Girl clothes are so easy & you have all the accessories to play around with and everything is about tutu's and frills, it's simple. Now that we have Finn, I can't ever imagine not having him & not shopping for boy things because boy clothes are just as fun as girls. Hands down. Although they are clearly completely different, I've been obsessed with dressing Finn in silly tees. I don't really know what it is about it, I just know it's fun and hilarious! Over the past few days I've been Instagram crazy looking at all kinds of shops now that Finn is about to be in 3-6m clothing. Side note: yesterday I put a 3-6m onesie on him and it FIT! Let me remind you he will be 2 months old on the 16th. Big papa with a milk gut ;) Anyways. I couldn't even begin to tell you my favorite tee, so I've gathered up a few of them to share! We just got in our "Play On Playa" tee, and it's hysterical. If you like quirky tee's or you just need a laugh, I know you'll enjoy today's post! Happy Fri-YAY!