Our Weekend

I feel like all of our weekends are starting to blend together because we've been on a busy roll for the last several weeks or so! Plus having two babes makes time the days fly by like crazy too! This weekend we decided to just hang around and do some projects around the house since we've been go,go,go lately. One super exciting this was we sold V's crib (so bittersweet) and had her new big girl bed delivered! I'm not sure if I mentioned it on the blog, but we scored her bed marked from $1,000 to $300! I was so excited for it to be here, I literally would check the tracking probably 5x a day. I was skeptical on how Viv would be because she never really liked her toddler bed, I think she thought it was just a unique trampoline but once the guys put her new one together, she was and still is ALL about it! 
We are getting her a new mattress & she will need bedding so that's what's next on our list & hopefully I will be able to share her new big girl room with you all! Isn't she a BEAUTY?! Best. clearance. find. EVER.

Also this weekend, the babes both had checkups. V had her 2 year & is right on track with everything and mister Finn had his 2 month checkup! He weighed a whopping 15 pounds too! Chase and I along with the nurses were shocked and it's safe to say this boy isn't missing any meals! Haha! It completely explains why he fits his 3-6m clothing better than his 0-3m! I am so grateful and thankful for two healthy little happy beans. 

Another sweet moment that happened over the weekend, Viv has become quite the chatterbox lately. It's like she just woke up literally and started spitting out words like it was nothing. When we go to bed, we've been saying prayers with Viv each night just to kind of teach her all about it & at the end we ask her to say Amen, and she says "Ah-mee". Talk about the absolute sweetest sound ever! My heart is so full with these two.

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