Our Weekend

Technically our weekend started last Thursday because we celebrated Chase turning 25!  Even though he had to work, birthday and holiday celebrations seem to last the entire weekend around here these days so it wasn't really a biggie. Of course what man's birthday is complete without Buffalo Wild Wings? Haha. We enjoyed some Yogurtland afterwards for dessert and the new sweet treat flavors are unreal. Cotton Candy took home the win in our cups ... ah-mazing. We ended up finishing the afternoon off at the beach at sunset which I have to say California might have some of the best sunsets, they're always breathtaking!

Over the actual weekend, we REALLY showed our age because Chase and I finally caved and got a Costco membership. I know I'm way behind in this, as my parents and grandparents have always gone since I can remember to Sam's Club. I have memories of my grandmother taking me every summer into Sam's and getting m&m cookies ... Costco smells the exact same way I remember Sam's did back then! It's so funny how excited you get over the little things as you get older. Us finally caving and getting that was like waking up to Christmas morning! Haha! We definitely loaded up on dog food (55lb bag for $20?) YES please! and tons of other things we use all the time... I mean I really could go on and on about how much I love it.

We also went furniture shopping as well because I definitely think as this point, we need, instead of want a sectional. I won the couch we have now at Ellen's 12 Days (something else AH-mazing!) but it's honestly more of a love seat and we have 2 accent chairs but there is just not enough space now that we have two kids to lounge comfortably. Esp when friends + family come over, it's just not practical. We found our favorite at Living Spaces but are weighing all of our options first before purchasing so I would love to hear any suggestions on where you guys recommend, or don't for excellent furniture companies with great quality that will last! Hopefully I'll be sharing a new couch soon too! Hope you guys have a great week!