Pool Day

If you're in California, you know August and September are the absolute worst for summer heat because the temperatures get hot, hot, hot! Yesterday before Chase was off of work, the kids and I ventured to the park and I think probably stayed for a total of 30ish minutes before we were like okay, screw this, we're going to the pool today. So that's exactly what we did.  I would love to take V during the day but how that works with a newborn, I have no clue and I'm not brave enough to try and figure it out, haha! Any tips or advice on that mama's, let me know. Until then, we'll stick to our kiddie pool until Chase or someone else can go with! Viv had such a blast & of course no pool trip is complete without otter pops. My child is seriously an addict to those things, but I guess there are worse things she could want to eat all the time right? Maybe? Lol! Anyone else's toddler in that I'm just going to eat snacks all day phase? That's us.

It was little man's first trip to the pool and although he didn't get in, he did seem to enjoy some extra snuggle one on one time with the both of us while we took turns swimming with V. I have a feeling Viv is going to be a daredevil because she now wants to jump in like Chase does, which gets me in super ocd panic mom mode and I think I tell Chase 50 times to keep his hands on her. It makes me so nervous! She's such a little fish in the water, & enjoys it more and more each time we go. We're going to have to invest in some floaties soon since she wants nothing to do with the float she already has. Miss i-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t. 

Does anyone else have a pool, or access to one and not take advantage of it nearly enough? I know we do and every time we go I always say we need to come more often so from now on that's what we plan to do! These are the kind of afternoons I look forward to every single day, so much fun in the sun! Hope you guys get out and enjoy the sun too!

- LS

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