Three Months Of Finn

Tee // Pants

How in the world is this little man already 3 months old!? These past few months have been such a joy and I can honestly say Finn is hands down such an easy baby like Vivian was! Our little guy is full of coo's and lots of smiles lately. He absolutely LOVES to to be held and snuggled, and who can resist that with all those rolls?! He is still co-sleeping with us in a bassinet and doesn't sleep through the night yet. I think he wakes up about 3 times on average to nurse but one good thing is he usually does go right back to sleep after eating! I nursed Viv up until 1 year, so I'm hoping to make it to that milestone with Finn also.

One thing that's really cute is we've been making all kinds of silly sounds to see what he responds to & when we go "rawr!" he jumps, and makes the happiest little grin afterwards! I think he may have a thing for lions and/or safari animals ;) At his 2 month appointment he weighed a big ole 15 pounds, so I'm thinking now he probably weighs about 16, maybe 17 and is in 3-6 month clothing. I'm sure 9 month clothing isn't too far considering this big boy doesn't miss a meal and is in the higher percentile for weight and height! 

I've also noticed just in the past few days he's discovered his hands and will CHEW on them like no other! If I give him my finger, he bites so hard so I'm not sure if his gums are gearing up for teeth already but it seems to be really bothering him? I haven't seen teeth and they don't look swollen and I was thinking it seems a bit early but we did end up ordering a few teethers so hopefully that will help. I don't exactly remember when V got her first tooth, but I'm thinking it was when she was 4-5 months so we will see!

He absolutely loves to watch his sister too when they're beside each other. Viv will always hug and kiss him and go over when he's in his swing, get in his face, shakes her head and says "hi!, hi!" and he will just smile. He's so curious about her but I think they for sure have a brother/sister intuition thing going on. The best moments are watching them both interact with each other and watching their special bond grow as they get more familiar with one another.

I can't wait to see what milestone little bubs will hit next. We love you so much Finn man!