Friday Inspiration

With a new season, comes new changes in just about everything. Around here, I'm always rearranging furniture and decor even when it's not a holiday season because I love making a room feel "new"! There are so many easy, simple, and affordable ways to create a space that feels brand new and exciting all over again! One site that I've recently come across is Chairish. It's an exclusive, curator approved, online marketplace for vintage and used furniture, sort of like an online thrift store for furniture. Upon browsing upon thousands and thousands of pieces, the possibilities are completely endless with all sorts of cool, one of a kind pieces. Even if you're not planning to purchase anything, it certainly is a really good way to get some inspiration for maybe a room you're looking into, or planning on freshening up! 

Since Shabby Chic has continuously been a decor focus for many many years, and blends well with other styles, I wanted to pull some of my favorite items from that style as well as others from Chairish and create an inspiration board to share with all of you! Click here to shop all Shabby Chic pieces! If you've seen little snippets of our home, you know neutrals are my thing. Color honestly really scares me, I think because I feel like I will get tired of it sooner than later but as of late, I'm warming up to it! Maybe it's the fall ;) 

My inspiration behind it, and for our entire house as well is "old meets new". I honestly think that comes from being from Mississippi and always going to flea markets and having furniture passed down from family members. I'm drawn to antique pieces and pieces with a story, whether I keep them as is or refinish them. However, I have really come to learn my love is really with a mix between antique and contemporary pieces. Basically if I could sum up my favorite style, it would be rustic glam. There is something so beautiful about having handmade wood pieces mixed with a glistening chandelier. & the angels sing .. ahhhh! 

For today, I wanted to play off of that, but instead of my typical neutral pallet, I chose to play around with color! It may be a little too patterned for some, but I find it to be really intriguing and exciting. I adore the shabby chic pieces like the chair, chandelier, cabinet and can we talk about that mirror?! It would be stunning in a room and definitely a conversation piece! Along with playing with patterns, I LOVE experimenting with different textures. From the tufted couch to the wicker basket, and the distressed chair, it really adds something extra to a room when everything isn't so flat. A few more ways I've learned over the years to spruce up a room are:

1. Change pillows often. This is by far one of the easiest things you can do! I love mismatched pillows in the same color family to just add a little movement without being too crazy. If you change things around as frequent as I do, this will keep you from going stir crazy ;) 
2. Mirrors. Another really simple way to add light and give the perception the room is actually bigger than it is. We used this trick in Finn's nursery with mounting standard door mirrors on the wall. Check it out here.
3. Paint! Whether its the walls, or a piece of furniture, it will make a difference! We always keep the motto "repaint, refurnish, recycle"
4. Pattern play. If you're unsure once you start going, leave it and come back later. I always do this if I feel like I'm looking at too long and end up being confused whether I like it or not. Rearrange, if you're unsure of you're setup, go do something and come back and you'll know ;)
5. Art! If you're unsure of a theme you want to do, or if you just simply need some color in a room, art is the way for inspiration. Seeing color patterns mixed or a certain abstract painting always help me get my ideas together for what I'm looking to create.
6. Bring nature in. Flowers being an obvious thing that can make a room feel fresh. Even now that it's fall, gather pinecones and make garland, or throw in a glass jar for decor! 

I hope this helps some of you and gets you're creative wheels turning and itching to do something new with a room! You can find all of these pieces as well as many others on Charish. I want to know you're favorite style of decor, or what your favorite ways of refreshing a room are?! Happy Friday friends!