Life Lately

To say this past weekend and week so far have been chaotic is a bit of an understatement. However, there have been a few ups so I thought I'd do a little update before we head out to Yosemite for Labor Day weekend! I am so excited because Chase and I have never been to northern California, and it will be our first semi-big family trip to get away for a few days, unplug from social media, and enjoy the outdoors and each other. 

It has been so miserably hot for the past week or so, so over the weekend we made a point to go try a restaurant we've never been to to enjoy the AC and fresh air! And also over the weekend bought a new sectional that we have been eyeing for what seems like forever. We have a La-Z-Boy but it's just entirely too small and more like a love seat so I absolutely can't wait for fall nights all snuggled with Halloween decor, and apple pumpkin candles burning while watching Hocus Pocus. Ahhhh, relaxation and cool weather. I'm really needing this Cali weather to get with the program and realize it is now September and a cool down is welcome at any time ;) Who's with me?!

And of course these two little munchkins just keep growing a more strong bond each and every day. We've started to do tummy time with Finn and I'll sit him in Viv's chair and she just loves to come over grab his face and give him smooches and hug him. As you can tell sometimes he's just like okay sister, and other he tends to get bossy ;) When he's not being hugged or held, he simply makes his pouty face in approximately 5 seconds which knows will get him what he wants. Wonder who taught him that?! Starts with a V and ends in a N. Love these two silly babes more than anything! 

I've also been keeping tabs on some of my fall favorites which include:
  •  These super cute dancing cat pajamas. I am so tempted to start decorating now for Halloween because I swear it just never lasts long! 
  • Also, these fleece hats I'm eyeing for Finn scream little lumberjack and are so stinking cute! I may have to get two in the plaid and gray! 
  • A yummy treat we snagged in Target (because you know how crazy Target gets with their pumpkin spice/apple/salted caramel trend in fall) is Jif Whips in peanut butter & salty caramel. YUM! We've been using it with fruit, crackers & pb&j sandwiches. It's one of Viv & I's favorites!
       Have a great Wednesday!