Orange Is The New Black

Happy Monday loves! I am so excited to share today's post because I haven't done a fashion post with V in quite a little bit. I used to love, and still do, getting her outfits together but these days it's a little harder to do. Not only are her clothes bigger than her teeny tiny little onesies, she's very vocal about what she wants and doesn't want to wear. For the longest time she did not want to wear turbans anymore so we stuck to just clips. As of recent, she can not get enough of hats! She found one we got her when she was around 18 months old that she never wore (surprise), and now wears it all the time! I found it in the kitchen drawer the other day so I think she had forgotten about it, haha!
We went to Michael's over the weekend and they along with everyone else is starting to slowly trickle out Halloween stuff. I even brought out two boxes of Halloween things we have and decorated the inside a tad. Who else has started to decorate?! When we received this candy corn turban from Hello Miss Gorgeous we were both so excited because we're obsessing over fall & Halloween everything. I mean, is there a possibility to be into Fall too much? If there is, we definitely are in that category.

I absolutely LOVE this turban with her polka dot peplum dress and don't mind the prints together. If you've followed the blog for a while, you know we love prints ;) I've been seeing high tops all over the place and while in Target picked her up these. You can't tell too much from the photos but they're kind of mix between silver and gold, but have a shimmer sheen to them and are so freaking cute on. Of course, now that's she's a little lady with a big attitude she couldn't forget her matching purse. She even had one of her favorites, our dog Poppy, escape the house just to join us and be in her outfit of the day pictures, lol. Literally these dogs might give me gray hair before Viv and Finn do ;)

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I hope you guys have a fabulous week! 


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