The Word "No"

TGIF! Seriously, this heat this week has been so miserable and I'm so ready for a cool down supposedly starting next week! It has been in the 90's over here and since most of Southern California thinks you get an "ocean breeze" that is about as equivalent as someone blowing on a dandelion, most people don't have a/c. No joke, it's been 85-86 inside our house and we've been sweating just sitting down. I'm from Mississippi, and I need my air conditioning, haha! 
Yesterday we stayed out of the house for most of the day. We had registration for V's preschool Mommy & Me class that left me thinking how in the world is she old enough for this already? We start next week so I can't wait to share more on that. The park is conveniently located right next to her classroom so we hung out there for a while in the shade until the sun really came out and practically left us looking like lobsters. Viv has been quite vocal about everything lately which is great, but her favorite word at the moment is no. Here's our scenario from yesterday when trying to get her to the car from the park:

Me: Viv, you ready to go?
V: No!
Me: We've gotta go because it's getting really hot
V: No.
Me: You don't want to go get popsicles to cool off? (this girl can take out a popscicle like nobody business)
V: No.
Me: You don't? Okay, well mommy & brother are going to cool off so see you later! (As I'm acting like I'm walking away)
V: *waves*

I couldn't help but turn my head and laugh because she's become so much more independent than how she used to be. When she says no, it's not the kind that are the crazy tantrum back talking ones, its her sweet little delicate innocent "no". Sometime I just ask her random questions like "You want to go take a bath? No. Not even with bubbles?? No. just to hear it.
She is the sweetest most bubbly little two year old with her blonde curly hair that we always say resembles octopus legs. Her spunky personality that mimics everything I do, the one that will make YOU clean up messes and gets excited when she see's the trash truck pick up our trash from outside. Who ever thought being told "no" would be so enjoyable. If only they could stay this little before V becomes a "threenager" ;) 

Happy Friday, friends!