4 Months + Favorites

Who knew a 4 day week could the be longest week ever! I enjoyed a clean house for 5 minutes probably everyday this week, Vivian had school pictures which she was not interested in doing but they did end up getting one of her (thankfully), Chase has been working longer hours this week which makes for a very drained mama by night (You single mama's, I give you major props!!), and Finn turned 4 months old yesterday! 
I know I say the days seem so long, but I feel like every week flies by! It's just insane.

Chase officially got his orders also this week and we will be moving to Pensacola for a little under 6 months while he finishes his school before heading to his permanent duty station in who knows where! So if any of you know the area really well and the best things to see/do, I'd love to hear! We've been there several times for vacation, and it's always been great so I'm looking forward to it and being a little closer to family and friends! We have lots of fun things planned in the coming week that I can't wait to share with you all. Pumpkin Patch, Halloween, my parents are coming to visit, all kinds of fun stuff! In the mean time, here's a look into our favorites from 3 months and why they've been lifesavers! 

First things first, our co sleeper .... dream. It has been so easy with Finn at night which is a huge change from how Vivian was. She slept in a bassinet, but I feel as though Finn is just a little closer to me & can smell me and sleeps literally like a baby. It makes nursing so much easier too! Our Milk Snob cover is also a top favorite because it doubles as a car seat cover, and a nursing cover. I can't tell you the number of questions I've gotten about this thing because it's not like one of those apron covers, it covers you all the way around! I remember one time in particular when we were traveling when Vivian was about 6 months and I had one of those apron covers and wasn't comfortable so I would get Chase to cover the side I was nursing on too. I don't have to worry about that with this one AT ALL. It's fabulous and I wish I would have known about it with Viv. 

Now that Finn can hold his head up, he loves exploring on this Land of Nod playmat. I love that it's a beautiful print and even Viv is interested in it too. I for sure believe it will get a lot of use! B. Toys have always been one of our go to's as well for their modern designs and I spotted this car seat toy in Target and it's one of the select things Finn will reach for. He likes to grab one of the balls and I'll grab the handle and pull and he will make a little chuckle. I give it an A+. As far as teething, I don't remember Viv ever having that bad of a time, but Finn is quite opposite. His little gums bother him a lot so it's a no brainer we got him Sophie the giraffe, but also he's been using paci's more than an actual teether. I'm not sure if it's the pressure of the paci or what, but it soothes him when they start bothering him.

Last but not least, we always like to switch up on bubble bath & shampoo, but lately our go to for it all is California Baby brand. I absolutely love their bubble bath, and it comes with a little wand which makes V wants to actually take a bath haha. The smell is delicious too, and of course it's certified organic so no worries about yucky chemicals! I hope this helps in some way for new moms, or maybe just a few new ideas to try! I'd love to hear what you guys love for four months!