A Peek From The Week

I can't believe how busy we seem to be this month, that I thought today was only the 5th and it turns out to be the 9th. I'm quickly reminded by looking at my calendar how crazy things are (or at least seem to be) for October! I thought it would be fun to share some pictures and updates from our week this week as it has been so incredibly busy. 
I take Viv to Mommy & Me Preschool twice a week that we really love! I love connecting with other moms and having V interact and meet new friends! She is really starting to come out of her shell, and can we say becoming the bossiest little thing ever! I love her dramatic sayings that seem to be this weeks favorite words. In her collection we have the oh so fabulous "no", accompanied by "move!", & "mommy! repeated 20x times". She is such a handful but she really make me laugh. And totally reminds me of myself which my mom always told me would happen ;)

Earlier this past week, we had just gotten home from running errands when we noticed the ice cream truck in our neighborhood was on our street! We kept missing it all summer, either by naps, or not being home, and we finally caught up with him! Viv was so excited and quickly grabbed her vanilla cone loaded with sprinkles. Can you say best of both worlds? Ice cream truck in the fall? If we're lucky, he'll continue to run maybe with fall themed treats? I think that's pretty wishful thinking though ;)

Finn man is just as chill as ever. I can't tell people enough when they comment on him that he really is the easiest baby. His days are pretty consistent, with eating, napping, playing, and at least 1 blowout diaper a day on me, and back to napping, haha! He can hold his head up and is teething.  One thing he does seem to think is funny is when our two dogs play outside and growl at one another. We were outside a few days ago and he would follow them around and just cackle. He has such a cute laugh, I'm holding out for catching it on video!

Chase also is re-enlisting in the Marines and will be attending a school for 6 months for the job he is wanting to do, which will be sending us to Pensacola in late February/early March! So aside from all the fun kids stuff, there's also lots going on with the whole re-enlistment thing! Also planned for this month is V's field trip with her preschool class to the pumpkin patch, Disneyland, friends baby shower, and still trying to decide what to be for Halloween! What are your littles dressing up as? We are trying to decide whether to do a family theme (which are m favorite) or let V pick and go from there depending on what she wants to be. I'd love to hear your idea for your family and get some inspiration!

Have a fun filled weekend friends!