San Clemente Fair Fun

I remember as a kid always going to the fair in October, it was always one of the things I used to look forward to! Over the weekend, there was a small fair that Chase and I noticed on the way to Target, you know because we're always there, and wanted to look into it if it was something worth taking the kids to. Turns out it was just something for this past weekend, and many people were talking about how cute and fun it was so we jumped in the car and headed over to see what it was really all about.

I do agree, it was super cute! Much smaller than a state fair, but perfect enough for a on the go, running everywhere toddler ;)  We ended up going the first time at night, and going back during the day the next day. This was V's first time at a fair so I was really curious what she would like, what she wouldn't, and if she ride anything. And lets be honest, we were all excited of the food!

We played a few games and Chase ended up winning a carrot and a whale, haha but it didn't matter what it was I think because V was happy regardless! It was so funny to act like kids again and just have a ball! We chowed down on caramel apples, candy apples, cotton candy, snow cones, and obviously a funnel cake. Can't leave without powdered sugar all over your shirt right? Go big or go home. I will say, we had lunch at one of the food trucks, which when I think of food trucks at a state fair I think chicken on a stick, like everything fried. They did have that don't get me wrong, but the one we ate at in particular had mac & cheese with bbq pulled pork and it was the most delicious thing ever. Initially when I saw it I was like, ehh and then Chase ended up getting it and we both were in shock of how good it was!

Vivian kept pointing to this one bee ride and so I got on it with her, granted it just went around in circles but when I got off I thought to myself, damn I can't hang anymore. All it did was go around and around, not even remotely fast and I already feel dizzy! Lol! So we ended up on the carousel after V picked the horse she wanted and I couldn't stop laughing because the entire time she just shouted "wee!" & "go! go! go!" And as usual Finn was just a happy go lucky little guy who slept and enjoyed rotating being held between Chase and I!

We're ending our long weekend with a cookout, chalkboard pumpkins, and binge watching Halloween movies! Hope you guys enjoyed your long weekend too!