Fall Festivities

It's Halloween week! I'm not understanding how October is almost over! It has literally gone by SO incredibly fast, which makes me a little sad but I am so excited to take the kids trick or treating this weekend! This past weekend though, we did a lot of baking & a lot of beach bumming! The kids and I have been exercising a few times during the week, when I said the kids I mean riding in the stroller ;), and we've been walking down to the beach to play at the playground there instead of the one in our neighborhood. I'm convinced it's Viv's favorite and I mean I can't complain because of the view either. We also went to the farmers market on Saturday and followed up with a little baking afterwards. I'm so obsessed with these spider cupcake holders from Michaels and Viv loves to put out her hands and wiggle her fingers when she see's them and says "pider!"

Another funny thing, while at the farmers market Viv insisted on standing on the table, even though I constantly repeated myself to her not to do it, and proceeded to sing her favorite song from preschool that they act out. I'm sure you all can relate to certain things not even fighting over, and just laughing at your kids because they're so funny. I know I've mentioned that Viv's vocabulary is blowing up, and yesterday while on FaceTime with my mom I was asking a question about sewing Elmo's face on her leotard for Halloween and there was a slight pause and Viv just shouts "WHAT?!" All she heard was "sew" and "elmo" and it clearly disgruntled her, haha. I can't wait to share both her and Finn's costume. We're doing a family themed one this year so i'm sure you can only imagine how it will look ;) Stay tuned and enjoy these photos from the past few days!


We have a super busy rest of the week between somehow gathering our costumes together, Viv's preschool Halloween party, Chase's graduation from his course over the past 3 weeks, and then of course Halloween! Be sure to keep up with all the craziness on Instagram @leasims in the meantime! Have a great rest of the week and I can't wait to see what all your kiddos will be dressing up as!!