Friday Fashion Favorites

If you've been following the blog awhile, you may remember fashion posts starting when Viv was about Finn's age. I absolutely loved doing those and dressing her up but these days are slightly more difficult since she's very set in what she wants and even more set in what she doesn't! Gotta love twonagers ;) I've decided to dedicate Fridays to fashion posts, including Finn's also! I'd love to do more, so I'll post as we go I think with these and play around a bit. 

Can I just say, which I know is repetitive, but it certainly still does not feel like Fall. Not one bit unless you're at the pumpkin patch. It's still in the mid to high 70's if not higher and I just want crackling leaves on the ground, that cool crisp air, and the different colored trees. If I can give you an idea of what fall look like around here, think palm trees, beach, and warm weather ... I think Summer wanted to stick around. I know I probably take it for granted because I mean, who goes to the beach in October? We do! Oh SoCal, I love you regardless. 

With that said, I feel like we're kind of still in transition so we threw on this chambray romper with her pink faux fur vest. I really need it in my size.  There are tons of different patterned vests like these at Target, and I so badly wanted to swoop up every single one and hoard it from the girls section in Target. If your babe can fit in girls, you need to go get them! We're such a huge fan of Hello Miss Gorgeous head wraps, that this floral pattern I'm seriously swooning over! I feel like it's very versatile and I love the way it makes Vivian's eye's pop!

Since Viv's feet are growing like crazy, we are setting out on a mission to find her new fall boots this weekend. We opted for sandals for today because I just feel like her feet would have been sweaty and you know unhappiness leads to tantrums, and those are no fun to deal with so we played it safe ;) I do love the metallic though and spotted these metallic booties at Gap, and these rose gold ones that are amazinggggg.

I hope you guys enjoyed the fashion post and hope to be sharing more of these soon! TGIF though, I've finally got all of our Halloween costumes in order and am so excited to share! Also, I've had several questions on our chalkboard in the playroom and how we made it, if you're interested and would like to see a step by step DIY post on it, be sure to let me know here or on Instagram! @leasims. Happy Friday!